‘Boko Haram may use nun regalia for attacks’



Boko Haram may be using stolen nuns attire to possibly use to blow up something somewhere. The Boko Haram, Wasabi Jihadists are located in Northern Nigeria. Let us pray for possible attacks on Catholics in Nigeria.




“Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”
“I plead with you! Never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.”
“If He asks much of you, it is because He knows you can give much.”

  • St Pope John Paul II


No despair here but we can’t walk around with are heads in the sand;)


I will pray for the protection of Catholics and all persons of goodwill in that region. I think actually the sentence in post #1 may well be in error. I will not pray for attacks.


:thumbsup: true PathFinder my error…(prevent attacks)


I hope and pray that nothing bad comes of this.


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