Boko Haram Overruns Nigerian Town, Killing Dozens

Just as the much larger Iraqi Army is struggling mightily to contain ISIL, the 162.000 man Nigerian Army seems powerless against Boko Haram

Praying for the Nigerian people.

Boko Haram is now moving into Cameroon

Wonder if the Boko Haram has heard of the
Ebola virus? Just saying.

Sometimes I think these militant groups try to outdo each other.

I pray these militants have a conscience and stop the killing.

Hundreds of Thousands of Nigerians Flee Boko Haram, Seek Sanctuary
Forced Migration Is Expected to Strain Everything From Public Services to Food Security


Locals claim that some parts of the northeast are effectively no-go areas for the military, with Boko Haram apparently better equipped than the soldiers sent to fight them.

                                  Sounding quite similar to the situation in Iraq.

Those poor people. May God be with them.

And now Boko Haram is kidnapping men and boys

                              Amazing, how suddenly the military in several countries have become almost powerless when it comes to dealing with Jihadists.

The problem in dealing with Guerrilla types is that they can hide within communities and that ties the hands of most governments. Governments that express a respect for human rights can not steamroll communities but some regimes may well do that.

Nigeria may have done this some in the past. Nigeria has had some success in the past 6 weeks against Terrorists getting some foreign aid.

India since going back to Gandhi has somewhat existed while putting up with a degree of violence from various groups in rebellion.

Though I’m not sure it was covered exactly in these forums, I believe China itself has had to quell unrest in its Uighur region just in the past few weeks. Surely, China acts in repressive and totalitarian ways as well.

“96 died in recent clashes in Uighur region, China reports”-

Nigeria was warned at one point about 2 years ago, to respect human rights by the Administration.

So all of this is part of the difficulty.

Boko Haram crisis: Nigeria militants ‘seize police academy’
and Nigeria: Boko Haram Takes Over Buni Yadi

                In some ways this is a similar situation to Iraq. An unenthusiastic Nigerian army, who's units fighting Boko Haram feel they're insufficently armed, going up against a highly motivated extremist group who's members consider it an honor to die for Jihad.

This does not sound good. It does sound like Boko Haram is becoming more organized and sophisticated like what is happening in Iraq.

Do we still have people over there looking for the kidnapped girls?

Nigerian town seized by Boko Haram ‘part of Islamic caliphate’, leader says and Nigerian police missing after Boko Haram raid

                                  I think the Nigerian government is trying to downplay the fact that Boko Haram are beating them.

This is not good. :frowning: :mad:

Now we have reports of 480 Nigerian soldiers fleeing into Cameroon to escape Boko Haram

                                         From the article 
     Analysis: Tomi Oladipo, BBC News, Lagos

This is the largest reported case of Nigerian troops fleeing from battle so far and it is even more telling that they have crossed the border into Cameroon. It is not clear whether these soldiers intend to return to the Nigerian army or if they have deserted altogether.

Im for US led airstrikes in Nigeria. This has been going on FAR too long now. :mad:

Yes it has been going on for too long.

I don’t want us to be acting alone though.
Something needs to be done.

The US going to clean up Wahhabist terror groups while remaining good friends with Saudi Arabia is about as believable as a police chief who’s going to get rid of vice operations while he’s good buddies with Al Capone.

I think Boko Haram nonetheless has been slowed down considerably from a few months ago.

Nigeria is a country of 175,000,000 people. Unfortunately, some of this is apparently going to happen. The hope would be to effectively combat it but it would be difficult to stop it all. They are fighting guerrillas who at times, apparently hide within the larger crowds.

Nigeria already has a number of American advisors there, perhaps some from other countries too. This was in the news, I believe it happened after those school girls, more than a 100, were kidnapped.

This is so incredibly sad.

That said, I just read an article tonight or yesterday which said that Boko Haram is now allied with ISIS. I hope that is not true.

Updates Boko Haram Attacks Nigerian Soldiers in Cameroon but they didn’t do too well against Cameroon’s military :thumbsup:

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