Boko Haram takes over another Nigeria town [kill 2 for smoking cigarettes]


From the AFP:

Boko Haram has seized control of a town in northeastern Nigeria, the latest to fall into Islamist hands in the crisis-hit region and an indication of the group’s increasing territorial ambitions.

The insurgents have tended to use hit-and-run attacks in the past but the recent seizure of towns suggests a significant shift in strategy, more in keeping with their stated goal of carving out a strict Islamic state in northeastern Nigeria.

Residents who fled the assault on the fallen town of Buni Yadi in Yobe state said attacks began late last month and the insurgents have since taken over the main government building.

The militants have reportedly raised their flag and carried out summary executions, including of two people who were caught smoking cigarettes.

So they kill 2 who were smoking cigarettes. One thing I find odd is that in my past experience in the Middle East and North Africa, men (presumably Muslim men) generally smoked like smokestacks.

(Note that I have heard of ISIS doing similar things as well)


Exactly, I’ll bet a lot of these “insurgents” smoke, they kill for no reason.


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