Boko Haram Video Shows Beheading of Nigeria Pilot


Boko Haram, the extremist Islamic group In Nigeria, has published a video that shows charred plane wreckage and the beheading of a man identified as a pilot of a missing Nigerian Air Force jet, bolstering the group’s claims that it shot down a fighter plane.
The video also allegedly features Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, a man Nigeria’s military twice has claimed to kill — first in 2009 and again last year. Two weeks ago the military said they had killed a Shekau lookalike who had posed in the group’s videos.


Cameroon Troops Kill 8 Suspected Boko Haram Members - VOA

Boko Haram reportedly beheads 7 in revenge attacks

Boko Haram, the extremist Islamic group, reportedly beheaded seven people Monday in Nigeria in revenge attacks, which were described by one resident as the way butchers “slaughter goats.”

The gruesome killings appear to be in direct response to recent resistance from villagers and the country’s military, AFP reported. These locals have joined forces with the government in a push to defeat the terror group and appear to be scoring a few victories. About 15 fighters for Boko Haram died in the past few weeks, The Christian Post reported.


Beheading is the new meme that Islamists have introduced to the world.

Nothing quite says a common faith like a beheading.

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