Boko Haram worse than ISIS...worlds deadliest terrorist group


"Boko Haram has overtaken Isis as the world’s most deadly terrorist organisation, according to a new report.

The Nigerian-based terror group, also known as Islamic State’s West’s Africa province (ISWAP), was responsible for 6,644 deaths in 2014.

In comparison, Isis is believed to have killed 6,073 people in the same period. Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the group, also known as the Islamic State, in March of this year."


Except that Boko Haram is now part of Daesh (ISIL) and is considered Daesh’s “West Africa Province” of their “Global Caliphate.” So any killing Boko Haram has done in the last year or so is in the name of Daesh as well and Boko Haram flies the Daesh flag over themselves. Boko Haram are simply Daesh’s most deadly arm. Though the Nigerian military has been beating them back pretty steadily of late destroying most of their camps and taking back most of the territory they’d occupied.


Call it McTerrorism. The funny thing here is that Boko Haram is Sunni like much of Nigeria. ISIS is Shia and know for killing Sunnis. The only thing these two groups have common is that they like to kill and rape people. Their underlying issues have little in common.


They are affiliated with ISIS. All part of the same ‘movement’


Incorrect, Daesh (ISIL) is an extreme form of Sunni (Wahhabi). Not unlike Boko Haram before they partnered up. They both are very much opposed to the Shia and Daesh revels in destroying anything Shia from people to mosques to shrines.


You are right, I jumped too fast. What formed ISIS was not the remnant of Nouri al-Maliki’s supporters, but the other way around with ISIS coming from the Sunni’s opposing him. Many of them former army members. Yes I completely agree with you that Saudi Arabia (and many Gulf States) will support just about any highly conservative Sunni movement that opposes Shias. This recently (currently) has been occurring in norther Yemen.

I will maintain that the cultural causes of Boko Haram and ISIS are substantially different. This is all about “branding” if you will.


Oh I agree that Boko Haram and groups like Ansar al-Sharia in Libya, Ansar Bait al-Maqdis in the Sinai, and Jund al-Khilafah in Algeria are nothing but franchised versions of Daesh that are home grown and have taken on the banner of ISIL. But that in and of itself is cause for concern. That such disparate and geographically isolated groups are coming together and nominally swearing allegiance to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and the main Daesh “Caliphate.” It means this kind of thing could in theory make it much easier for an Daesh branch pop up and thrive wherever some group agrees with their twisted reading of Islam. Daesh doesn’t even need to do anything itself to grow itself beyond it’s strangely centralized location (for a terrorist group).

I mean so far Daesh is almost like a combo of what the Taliban were (a governmental entity ruling territory they conquered) and Al Qaeda (a terror network), with McDonald’s style franchising thrown in. It’s a particularly frightening and daunting combo. Because you can’t just beat them in a government overthrown sense like was done with the Taliban, and you can’t fight them the same way you did Al Qaeda.


It wouldn’t be unfair to describe the C.I.A. as the world’s deadliest terrorist group. Historically speaking, at least.:shrug:


:eek::eek: watch out the C.I.A. may just read your post and then you’ll be on a watchlist. If we don’t hear from you over the next few weeks we’ll assume that you have been renditioned. :smiley:


The thing is I don’t think associating yourself with ISIS gains you anything more than that sort of franchise effect. It’s not say like the cold war where being “Communist” or whatever got you military and financial support. There’s really no material benefit to be had that I can see.


Not even close.

And I am not saying ISIS is all that deadly either. Boko Haram, as is pointed out in the OP is very deadly.

But no group can compare to what secret groups related to communism have done in the past and are still doing in China, North Korea and Vietnam.


Yes, it would be. “Historically speaking” is a modifier that makes this comparison irrelevant. What has been done in the past, especially during time of conflict can only be fairly compared with that point in history. Anti-American prejudice does not justify lack of logic. This article is about who is killing the most innocent souls in the name of their belief at this time. The CIA cannot be fairly brought into the discussion.


I would say they are both equally dangerous.


That is true.They would both cut your head off in a heartbeat in the name of muhammad.
I would think it all depended on where you live. If you lived under boko haram then i suppose they would be the most fearsome. But if you lived under isis then they would be the ones to watch out for.Which is why i believe isis to be the most dangerous. isis are the ones with the most influence. isis are the ones launching terror attacks in the west. isis is one of the main reasons the middle east is in such turmoil. Well if Turkey stop funding them it would along way… Not to mention Clinton and Obama arming them. But that’s another story.
boko haram have suffered major set backs lately due to Nigeria hiring foreign mercenary’s to combat them. But still, they are still a deadly cult. But isis is by far the most deadliest.


Well to be honest. Some of the **** the CIA did was done during peace time. And i am sure the CIA had a hand in helping Obama and Clinton arm isis.


There is something particularly galling and unsettling about Americans who would compare the American institutions that keep them safe to the worst evils in the world today.

America has been a powerful enough country that such ingratitude and contempt is something that America as a whole has so far been able to rise above. There is no guarantee that that will always be the case. The luxury of ingratitude depends on things going right.

I can only pray that this Age of Ingratitude that has risen to the highest hall of power with Obama’s election will prove itself to be a short one.

How sharper than a serpents truth is it to have an ungrateful child.
Such anti-Americanism is an ugly, ugly thing, especially when it comes from Americans themselves, who have been the people the most blessed in the history of the world.


I believe the article is dealing with known facts and deaths, not speculation.


:thumbsup: well said Darryl! thank you.


You’re right. I am sure it was a direct sale between Obama and isis.


CIA isn’t evil by itself. It depends on who is at the reigns. . But they have murdered for no benefit of the nation. They have started wars and replaced countries leaders for no reason that was of benefit to the U.S. I think it is silly to turn a blind eye to their misdeeds just because … Ya know, “Murica”

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