Bold Home Invasion - thugs are really doing some shocking things

This happened a couple counties east of where I live, I’m familiar with the city, its a nice place, not really the type of place where you’d expect to have your door kicked in while you are sitting in front of the TV. . . couple living in fear after home invasion

      by John Paul 


MISHAWAKA — Four suspects were arrested Thursday night for their role in a home invasion in the 900 block of Merrifield Avenue in Mishawaka. Police say the victim was sitting on the couch when one of the suspects broke down the door.

Thursday night after dinner, Patti Heare was parked on the couch, watching her favorite TV show
. . .
“The next thing, it just exploded,” she said, describing the impact as one of the men burst in.
. . .
“Then he ran over to the TV and grabbed it,” Heare said. “[He] pulled it off the shelf.”

Patti sat stunned. She screamed for her husband, Mike, who woke up and went after the burglar.

“Mike ran out there and grabbed the kid through the window [of their car],” Heare said. “The two kids in the backseat said, 'Go, go, go!'æ”
. . .
“I’m glad they didn’t have a gun and shot my husband,” she said.
. . .
“When somebody is home, the lights on, the TV on, when they break in your house, you don’t feel safe anymore,” Heare said.
Thankfully they caught the 4 suspects, 1 was under the age of 18, apparently all were related. Have to wonder what type of family life these people had if they are all related and all criminals. The demise of a strong family structure, a lack of a faith life, and societies tolerance of all this probably is partially to blame here.

Other news reports are saying that the whole neighborhood is in shock over this incident. I have to wonder if, as times get tougher, things like this will be more common.

I’m glad no one was shot. It could have been far worse. And good thing they were caught, too.

Hopefully the publicity that they failed will resonate through the media and discourage future ne’re-do’ells from attempting such bold tactics. I often wonder if the media’s portrayal of criminal success doesn’t lead to attempts by others. Perhaps the reverse will work in this case?

Violent home invasions have been on the increase, according to new accounts I recall recently, after one of them had been stopped cold by an armed homeowner here.

If you are including cops, ah, perhaps i should say ‘police officers’ and those involved with total surveilling of all citizens, I certainly agree.

Well this topic is not about the “no knock” warrant searches that have been carried out police recently, often leading to innocent deaths of civilians, some houses being raided by mistake, others with no real evidence and, in retrospect, should not have even been done. But I certainly understand your point.

Won’t the current administration fix all that? :rolleyes:

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