Bold Homily From Priest addressing today's scandals


Great homily discussed on the Jesse and Terry show yesterday.

"Homosexuals were recruited to bring down the Church" -prominent Catholic radio lady
Homophobic reaction to the abuse crisis discouraging me - what should I do?

Great. Awesome. Who is the priest?

At first I was put off by his talk of conspiracy and infiltration, but by the end of the homily, he brought it around to a message of such faith and hope, and love, it is well worth hearing. (For those of you who don’t have time for the full 22 minutes, start at 14:50 and listen through to the end.)


To skip the first 14 minutes is to continue to be blind.


Yeah, but on the other hand, if someone stops listening after 5 or 10 minutes, they will only despair and miss the Gospel payload.


The Church indeed needs cleaning! However, if we have 1000 apples and 300 of those apples are rotten … don’t they spoil the remaining 700 apples thereby making vinegar? Are we, The Church, drinking vinegar because of the bad apples and don’t know any better? Did Jesus drink the vinegar when he was on the cross?


Then the message might be they should listen to the entire message even if they have to pause and break it up.


Okay, I looked it up: Father Robert Altier (priest at the Church of St. Raphael, Crystal, Minnesota).

Other homilies are available at the church website.

As a man who struggles with SSA, do I belong in the church?

Before you post an absolutely misleading and inflammatory post such as this, you might ask yourself, what are the real statistics. You see, of those 300 bad apples, THEY ARE ALMOST ALL DEAD!! I am sure posting such nonsense as this makes you feel good, but I might suggest you do a little more critical analysis of your “facts” before you log on.


Peace be with your spirit.

This is the information I know and understand. Yes, I hear your understanding “Death” has cured the situation. I however I understand what was spoken in the Homily linked to this thread. There is a conspiracy. We are not cured by death and need to make the masses (religions of all faiths; especially Catholic) feel secure about Priests. Paying money from our Tidings does not make me feel secure.

I like the Homely’s suggestion of Mom cleaning the room. I watched a movie that indicated Padre Pio was under house arrest. Why can’t we gather all living named Priests who have exceeded secular prosecution time limits and put them into a seminary away from the public? (Time out, grounded, prison … call it what you want but get it done with consistancy). This shows action and makes the Church cleaner. However, a messy room can be cleaned in a lifetime. It takes longer to remove the vinegar from the group of apples.

Poetically, just taking the numbers from the website it appears 1/3 of the Priests are fallen angels. (300/1000) … I do not think this is a coincidence.


Could you explain this a little please? Is this a movie about when he was alive and you are referring to when he lived in the town away from the monastery in his parents tower which they owned?


I can’t be specific, however, I do remember that although Padre Pio was very upset at being in house arrest, he did come about to have the grace of being in two places at once to hear confessions. I’ll watch my DVD again; it may take me a month as I can only watch adult tv late at night when I’m sleepy.


Please don’t do anything you shouldn’t do. I think I understand now.
God bless.


It’s wonderful to hear the truth courageously spoken by a priest.


Near the end of Fathers homily, he mentions the triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart and how the Church will be cleansed, and the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Church. Is he saying that once the problems in the Church are fixed, it will be the end of the world?


For all you “chicken littles” who think the sky is falling on the church and the sins of the past are continuing unabated with scores of bishops conspiring to cover up the ongoing abuse, there’s a fly in your bowl of pessimism chowder. Consider this: Given that billions of dollars have been paid out to victims and settlement figures are in the six and even seven figure range (millions), and given the bankruptcies of several U.S. dioceses, and given that the ambulance chasers who represent these “victims” get 40% of the take (that’s $400,000.00 on a million dollar settlement), where are all the abused who can cash in on the RCC “Cash cow”? If this is ongoing and nothing is being done and it’s all still being covered up, (and those of us who think the bishops for the last fifteen years are not asleep at the wheel-or worse - are delusional) where’s the accusations, the litigation, the greedy lawyers accusing the church, the big $ settlements and the NYT, Wash Post, LA Times front page stories?

Maybe the actions taken after the Dallas Conference in 2002 have taken hold and this “scandal” is a sad piece of the church’s past (at least in the U.S.). The enemies of the church, and the pessimistic hand-wringers within it, can’t see the present for the past. Do you get some sort of sadistic pleasure out of the embarrassment of the church. Does it make you feel better for your own shortcomings?
Just wondering…




Hope1960 -

Perhaps no one is answering because we (including the priest) cannot know when the end of the world will be.

My smattering of Catholic history tells me that the Church has had to be cleansed before, yet she is still here. Depending on the length of her earthly life, she may have to be cleansed again.


Well then they should listen to the entirety of the homily LOL the people that are going to listen to it are going to listen to it one way or the other Abe vice versa.


Maybe you’re right.

Homophobic reaction to the abuse crisis discouraging me - what should I do?

Thank you for sharing this. I hope there will be away we can FACE BOOK this. It’s true. I just said, The wounds of our Spirits will redeem this Church. As the blood of the Martyrs built the first church.
There is a constant stream of God through our sacraments. Always look up to heaven. Looking horizontal, we see sin and imperfections.
GB it if you can. I tried and my phone did strange things

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