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Maybe Roberto Calderoli is frustrated, rapidly construction of mosques in Italia. European’s churches is dead. European mosques is risen. Churches in European went bankruptcy, closed or even sold to muslime associate. While mosques easily build one by one in European country… muslime brother is very smart in this strategy but european is stupid in this term. In muslime country we hardly find one churches in saudia Arabia. Even they approved for new churches sudden spec have to follow. No taller building churches allowed. In mind games strategy muslime go top they much more smarter than the European….is very obvious muslime is far more smarter than European or American…….

our lady of victory please protect us…, please please…


Well, I sympathize with him, but I think he’s going about it the wrong way. It won’t do the slightest bit if good to run around polluting potential mosque sites with pork.

Further, I also think he’s swimming upstream. Europe is decidedly post-Christian now; the majority of Europeans are “cultural” Christians, meaning that they go through the motions, but the actual Faith itself doesn’t mean much to them one way or the other. Many more simply don’t believe in anything at all—it’s a sort of a combination between apathy and agnosticism.

Since man is by nature a spiritual being, and cannot exist in a spiritual vacuum, if one faith is neglected, ignored, and abandoned, you may rest assured that another, stronger, more vibrant one will come along to take its place. If present trends continue, by 2100, Europe will be solidly Muslim.

(shrug) It’s sad, but it’s true.


On a related note… I have a co-worker that thinks we should deputize pigs and place them on all airlines to prevent Mislim terrorism! :smiley:


Hey, great!! That sounds like my idea :newidea: of the pig squadron! Put parachutes on pigs and drop them in Iraq!

Vickie :smiley:


We joke about this, but in world war two Muslim troops serving the Nazi’s in Eastern Europe would shoot all the pigs before doing anything else, much to the dismay of the starving people relying on those pigs. Actions speak louder than words, eh? :wink:


Like that’ll happen… when pigs fly!




Like what Montalban? Deputizing pigs or ever preventing Muslim terrorism? :smiley:


Pigs flying…

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