Bombshell: Anybody read the 300-page Dossier?


Anybody read the dossier that implicates a high number of cardinals and priests?


What dossier? Is there a news article or story here?


Here is the news article:


My translation indicates this is something that is “about” to happen. Are we premature with this thread?


Premature in that it isn’t mainstreamed. It is supposedly in the hands of Italian journalist. pnewton, you’ve been around here about as long as me. How can we even imagine discussing the contents of such a document here?
There must be advised limits?


I don’t know. Here is a report:

Very damaging reports have come out on cathinfo and on youtube.


No. And I’m not going to.


Maybe they should move the conference
to November instead of February…?


I looked that first one up. I had not heard of it. They say they are:

A message board for SSPX, Resistance and other Traditional
Catholics to discuss news and matters pertaining to the Catholic Faith.

Then there is YouTube.

So I ask again, since this is the News forum, is there any news of this? If not, wouldn’t waiting be more in order than engaging in damaging gossip?


The list of names should come out. The resignation of Pope Benedict becomes more and more clearer now


There are some reports that a certain Italian group has “seen” the dossier. Nothing to see here yet.


anything in english?


The only English stuff I saw was from the likes of Church Militant. Everything else was Google translate of sites I’m not familiar with. :shrug:


and probably not very accurate :slight_smile:


How do you know what it contained if it was private ?


I read that Cardinal Farell is high on the list in the Dossier


how can you read that, where is the dossier in english


This was a private dossier.
You may read,in good faith,what somebody wrote about it.
Still it was a private dossier related to Vatileaks meant for Pope Benedict only and the rest of the connecting dots goes either to the imagination or speculation of the writer,or a breach of privacy into what belonged to the Pope only.
So,no. I haven t read the dossier. Nor planning to read what wasn t meant for me. As I personally do not read mail addressed to my husband ,for instance.


Edited as I read the thread.

Eh, sounds like a bunch of gossip to me. I’ll be honest, I don’t have much time for this sort of Hollywood type finger pointing in my daily walk with Christ right now.


Why is Benedict’s resignation more clear now? I had recently converted when he resigned and was very disappointed when he did resign. I was shocked. So I am anxious to hear your explanation.

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