Bombshell Statement: Biden Insider Claims He Was ‘Recipient of the Email’, Says He Witnessed Joe, Hunter Discussing Deals

Yet during the upcoming debate, Trump will not be allowed to bring up Hunter Biden.

So who is this new witness and is he credible?

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Another Brietbart Drivel hit piece.


No. There are other sources. One cannot, of course, expect the Democrat propaganda media to print it.

With less than two weeks to go, desperation of Trump’s supporters is really kicking in.


Desperation? No. Just watching this news unfold furether. It isn’t as if nobody knew about Hunter and Joe’s influence peddling in Ukraine and China. This laptop information and confirming information for it just explains things a little more.

But all Americans should be “desperate” to avoid the election of Kamala Harris as president. Biden will go down one way or another, and then we’ll be ruled by Harris, Pelosi and Schumer if the Dems get control of the senate. Even Democrats ought to be wary of that.

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Do you believe that Mr Bobulinski is a desperate Trump supporter?

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And he’s not the only former associate of Hunter who confirms that Joe is “The Big Guy”.


Last ditch October surprises are acts of desperation.

Just like Comey did in 2016.

Just look at the Darker Side. If Biden wins the Election, he can’t be touched for 4 years.

Since when has what Trump was allowed to do governed his actions?

There is a lot of what about ism in this threads. Well, Trump is naughty, well it is Russian disinformation, well Twitter and Facebook know this is miss information.

What about the story? Is Biden corrupt? Did he use his VP influence to make the family rich? Did he make himself rich?

What laws where broken? What else is there. Those are the questions.

This has been already proven as authentic, it has been proven not to be a hack, proven it is not Russian, and now we have a witness.

That is a lot more than the dossier that we heard about for three years, which was a hit piece.


What was Biden trying to say during the debate? That Russia made Hunter and Joe sell influence to foreign nations? That Russia found someone who looks just like Hunter Biden and took pictures of the fake Hunter, and then copied them to the laptop? That Russia made Hunter put all that stuff on his laptop? That Russia made Hunter forget to pick up his laptop? That Russia made Hunter’s lawyer ask for the laptop back?

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He did not bring up Hunter but did bring up Joe’s actions which was the proper way to do it as Joe us the one running for office.

That was fine but initially it was deemed that he wold not be allowed to talk about the subject which would have been clear censorship. I don’t believe Twitter has allowed the NY Post access to their account yet.

Facebook did its own censorship in the biden story.

They never lost access to their account.

The are certainly not happy with what happened on both Twitter and Facebook. Story came out anyways so what was the point of censoring one of the oldest Newspapers in the USA.

You missed the thread where that was discussed a few days ago.

I did miss that thread so could post a link. but still cannot believe Twitter has the New York Post blocked. This is rather crazy. . Never mind, I will unblock you if you kiss my hand and do as I ask.

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