Bone Marrow transplant & donation


Please pray for my friend Alison and her brother Mike. he has acute myeloid leukaemia and has been given 6 months to live without a transplant. Alison is compatible and starts the process next week. It is arduous and painful and Alison has a serious hospital phobia. She is also having a very hard time at work and is very down right down. Thank you.


I will pray for you friends, and I know that they will be safe for God looks after his children especially when they really need it.
I hope that the transplant is successful :slight_smile:


Praying for all involved!


Jesus, lay Your healing hand upon them both. We trust in You!


Prayers promised


I ask Your very special blessings for Alison, Father, that she is willing to do something so generous and courageous to save her brother. Please give her all the graces that she needs, and please make her sacrifice for her brother to have every success. Father, I ask Your healing and love upon bot Alison and Mike.

Please also bless Fran and her loved ones


LORD Jesus
Heal ur Son


Praying very hard for Alison and her brother!


Praying for both of them.


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