Bone marrow transplant may have cured HIV

Very interesting development. I wonder if it hit the main stream media.I know it hit Berlin’s AP but I haven’t heard it here even though it was an American who received adult stem cells from bone marrow which may have cured this man’s Aids.

BERLIN (AP) - An American man who suffered from AIDS appears to have been cured of the disease 20 months after receiving a targeted bone marrow transplant normally used to fight leukemia, his doctors said.
While researchers - and the doctors themselves - caution that the case might be no more than a fluke, others say it may inspire a greater interest in gene therapy to fight the disease that claims 2 million lives each year. The virus has infected 33 million people worldwide. Dr. Gero Huetter said Wedneday his 42-year-old patient, an American living in Berlin who was not identified, had been infected with the AIDS virus for more than a decade. But 20 months after undergoing a transplant of genetically selected bone marrow, he no longer shows signs of carrying the virus

The best part is that NO BABIES died in this cure.:thumbsup:

The reason may be ADULT STEM CELLS were used. This does not help in the fight for “baby parts funding”. No death was needed.

Such wonderful news! My family being biomed researchers, I felt optimistic about such treatments becoming practical, but oh my even better than I’d hoped. Now, if this can become a more common and universal praxis without egregious danger, THEN…truly I shall be whooping it up!

This is great news! However the article does state that it’s happened twice before and is not an actual cure so much as likely genetics related. They tried the same thing on a number of patients and only 2 cases were successful, and this latest one making it three.

So there is hope for those suffering from the disease.

I heartily agree with all the previous posters. God is good, all the time and no babies died either. Let’s get this sent to Howard Dean who may become the new Secretary of Health and Human Services…a very big proabort! More reasons to pray.

While the results are interesting, even the researchers said that they may be a fluke. We are only talking about a handful of cases. Its way, way, way too early to be advocating policy on this matter.

Over the past 25 years there have been innumerable medical findings which have been labelled as breakthroughs. Very few have panned out. And the bone marrow transplant cases aren’t even being heralded as a breakthrough.

which is it HIV or AIDS? article does not seem to make it clear unless I did not get all of it

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