Bones 3/28 episode

I finally got around to watching the Bones episode from last week and boy, talk about treating Catholicism with reverence unlike any other mainstream tv show. Did anyone else catch it? What did you think? I am so happy that every episode that mentions Catholicism doesn’t slam it. The episode even touched on the abuse scandal, but came out stating that the priests in question were not inappropriate, that one should not judge based on false rumors. Overall it was probably my favorite episode this season.

I liked it when they were interrogating the older priest, the woman says something ignorant, and her partner says “All I really want to do right now is catechize you” or something along those lines.

I’ve never watched the show until that epidsode, and that line is pretty much how I am thinking every time I hear someone say something really stupid and uninformed about the Church.

Bones is also respetful of cannabils:shrug:

That was my favorite too.

Typo, I hope?

No, not a typo. There were rumors about a the dead priest was being inappropriate with a certain child, but they were just that, rumors, unfounded, the child (now a teen) explained the relationship as did the pastor who was above the dead priest. It wasn’t about the priest scandal, it was about the particular priests who were questioned in this episode. Big difference. If you saw the episode, you’d know what I was talking about.

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