Bones of Jesus Christ brought to Thunder Bay ? Probability?

What is the probability of this?

Sometimes the media in North America is anti-catholic…why?

Well some 20 years ago ‘they’ were told that many half-truths were being used to attack the family, polarize the sexes…the involvement of radical feminists was key. THEY SAID NOTHING.

Well in 2007 some

In what is expected to be a wild and woolly news conference, the makers of a new documentary film claiming to have discovered the tomb of Jesus Christ and his family — and his DNA — will face the media this morning at New York’s Public Library.

If their evidence is verified, the film, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, and a companion book, would raise profound questions for Christians and their faith.

The filmmakers — Emmy-award winning director Simcha Jacobovici and his executive producer, Oscar-winner James Cameron — suggest ossuaries once containing the bones of Jesus and his family are now stored in a warehouse belonging to the Israel Antiquities Authority in Bet Shemesh, outside Jerusalem.

This was also part of a TV program on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL.

The bones, were, of all places, taken to Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

More spectacularly, when trace material from human residue in the Mariamene and Jesus boxes was sent to the Paleo-DNA lab at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ont., mitochondrial DNA tests revealed the two individuals were not related, at least not maternally. Jacobovici’s conclusion – shades of Dan Brown – is that they were married, and that the child Jude was theirs. That’s a predictable, headline-grabbing, and preposterously premature leap, given DNA testing hasn’t been done on the other ossuaries. All the Da Vinci Code-style supposition is, right now, just smoke and mirrors. Even if true, it only speaks to the relationships between the people in the tomb. It’s meaningless to the main issue – who are these people? It comes down to the odds, and that is where Andrey Feuerverger, University of Toronto math professor and probability expert, emerges as the most important presence on the team.

…now the co-incidence…

Research found a defective element in Truth…(research in Thunder Bay, of all places)that was being used by the devil to attack the family…why was that not revealed, and is still censored to this date ?

Hmmmmm…how did they get Jesus’ bones from Heaven?

Would someone teaching of Jesus and His Ministry…allow inscriptions that would trash Christianity? Surely, If this is the Family Tomb…The followers of Christ knew of it…and could read.

Jesus is risen. 'Nuff said.

Yes…Christ is risen…there would be no bones…the researcher is trying to spin a story like "The DaVinci Code’…to attack the faith…

Little did he know that a book was being written in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada entitled…"The JESUS CHRIST CODE: The LIGHT: The Rainbow of Truths’…that would build a bridge between science and religion…

Proving many things, together with the reality that ‘the media’ in North America does not want you to know how Truth can Lie…because they are using that against Christians and CAtholics…:wink:

Even after they get DNA from the bones, they still need a sample of the DNA of Jesus to test it against… right ? :confused:

Yeah…maybe they can track down the chick from the Da Vinci Code, assuming they can get past the evil Opus Dei bishop and the albino monk assassin.

Good point! Perhaps the Vatican should hire two albino monk assassins, eh?

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