Bongo drums, modern songs, and waving hands

Okay I may be 14 but I do know what is traditional and what is not. When we moved down south the masses were different but still had tradition in them. Over the course of ten year it has quickly started to die out. Our parish now has these bongo drums modern songs, and, has just recently a few members are starting to wave their hands during songs. Al right last time I check this is not southern hills rocken mega church of Christ. I believe it is called a Roman Catholic Church. What happened to the ringing of the bells during communion and older songs derived from latten? I ask you all to keep these traditions alive in our troubled world. Do any of you notice tradition fading in your area?

Well welcome first off. There are many parishes that no longer use the old music or bells. What do your parents think of the situation? Have you talked to others your age about what you are observing?

My feeling is that in many cases the music and lack of reverence in the Mass is making even young people crave the more Traditional. Thank you for asking us to keep the traditions alive for you. Maybe you can get others together and ask your priest to also keep the “old” traditions alive for future generations.

I notice that my parish is the most bizarre mixture of Tradition and Charismatic. Everyone bows at the name of Jesus, most of us genuflect at the appropriate point during the creed, people kneel during the consecration, we ring the Sanctus bells (actually, the big tower bells so the whole area knows that’s going on :smiley: ), we have a 24 hour adoration chapel, Fr. Larry preaches on the teachings of the Church, confession is offered every Saturday and before every Mass… but we sing Charismatic songs, we have a Praise and Worship session between the Rosary at 1030 and Mass at 1115. We are also told to be silent for about 10 minutes before Mass starts. We use Jim Cowen’s Mass, with the call and response and the more Charismatic style… Like I said… a strange mix of the old and the new that really works for us.

When I first started attending my new parish 2 months ago, they sang beautiful, enchanting hymns. The Gloria and Sanctus were sung with a blend of Latin and English with overlapping 4 part harmonies.

Now they sing the worst Alleluia ever and they are trying to get everyone to clap along. It’s so bad I can’t decide whether it would be more disrespectful to sing along, or to not sing at all.

What changed?

new priest.

One August Knight. That’s what I’m talking. The singing, the clapping of the hands. Don’t be afraid to talk to your priest. St Philip is the parish that I go to. I am planning to talk to our priest who came to the parish not to long ago. He is traditional but I think he could use a little boost to get him going.

I’m sorry, but I must disagree. Even though there are teenagers that do certainly like tradition, and live in households that support a moral Catholic life, unfortunately this is not the case most of the time. That preference is certainly valid and wonderful, but it does not invalidate the other preferences.

I am a music director at a church, and I play all ages of music. ITs amazing really, not only does the Lifeteen Mass attract the most people, including the teens (some of whom would not go to church unless we had this…and no this isn’t a good reason, but its the first step). but I get all ages…our biggest fan is a 92 year old man. The positive comments I get is when I play contemporary songs that touch the heart, not when I play chant.

I already know a million comments and things to pick apart in this post. I’ve heard them ALL already. This is just a simple note though about what is actually most of the time bringing the semi-churched in deeper. The same is for me…I hated church when I was a kid…I grew up in a good household too, but church was absolutely meaningless for me, I dreaded it and hated it. When I discovered the Mass done with passion and music that didn’t sound like a durge, that attracted me to search deeper. Now, becasue of the “happy clappy” (as people like to call it), I am able to go to a quiet daily Mass, or quiet adoration and know that Christ is there no matter what.

Don’t tell me…let me guess: it’s the one where they all sing, “Holly, holly, holly—LOO-OO-YA! Holly, holly, holly—LOO-OO-YA! Holly, holly, holly—LOO-OO-YA! Holly-LOO-YA! Ha-LAY-LOO-YA!” :rolleyes:

The worst ever. I always make fun of it by singing “Holly, holly, holly, MISTELTOE! Holly, IVY, and MISTELTOE!”

My wife gives me dirty looks. Too bad.

This is why my contention is that rather than have a “Teen Mass” with happy clappy music, parishes should just have a Teen “Praise and Worship session” separate from Mass. If you feel the need to attract people with lively music, then do so. At that session, have the priest do some catechetical work - explain the sacrifice of the Mass, explain Confession, explain the Eucharist. Then, hopefully, they will understand why they need to go to Mass.

Mass needs to remain a reverent Mass.

I think this sounds wonderful. :smiley: Why can’t there be modern praise and worship but do it outside the Mass. It would be great for the youngsters and it means that Mass isn’t ‘de-traditionalised’ . Maybe having 15 minutes before Mass or an evening praise and worship session. Young people could be encouragerd to bring their musical talents to this and get excited about praising God.

We have something like that.
We use a few more P&W songs at the Mass I attend, but we have a nice P&W time between the rosary and the Mass.
I am proud that the music ministers are able to use liturgically correct songs by Catholic musicians.

I like the fact that the “Praise and Worship session” is separate. That’s what our parish’s charismatic group does, though it is not right before Mass. I have no idea what a “Jim Cowen Mass” is though.

Jim Cowen, a charismatic Catholic musician, wrote Mass parts. They are popular at more charismatic parishes and at Steubenville. :smiley:
Some bits are “call and response” but come out more as male/female harmony

Got it.

Did you have any luck requesting a TLM from Fr. Larry? How did he respond?

Yes, that’s the one! Then they sing "JESUS (clap, clap), JESUS (clap, clap) JESUS IS THE LORD! (clap, clap). You make me wonder if you have attended Mass at my parish recently, because I can’t imagine there being 2 parishes in the world that sing that song on purpose.

Haven’t gotten there yet. He is so busy with missions, talks, etc…
And I have been attending Lady of the Lake lately, as we are in the middle of moving and other craziness. Once we are moved closer to St. Joes, I will be there more often.

Since I cannot put tune-age on here, please disregard this post
Know this one?
“Holy, Holy, Holy Lord! God of Power, God of Might! Heaven and Earth are full of your Glory! Hosanna in the Highest! Blessed is He who comes, in the name of the Lord, in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest! Hosanna in the Highest!”

I know that one! I thought that WAS the traditional one!:confused:

Its hard to put tunes it. Dang it.
It’s a more modern tune-age to it.

Disregard my above post!

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