Bongos, Dancers, and Father-Mother God

Some excerpts…of Father’s Rohr’s Mass…read the rest at:

The offertory procession began with two women waving banners, followed by two liturgical dancers, carrying a white tablecloth, sashaying up to the podium where Rohr sat waiting. They were followed by others who carried the hosts in large wicker breadbaskets and the wine in glass and plastic pitchers.

Rohr prayed over the gifts, “…make sure this people is hungry and ready to eat. Make sure we are not so filled with ourselves that there is not room for another person within us. Loving God, make sure this people is very hungry.”

Rohr changed some of the prayers of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Opening the preface, he prayed, “Father and Mother God…” Before the consecration of the host, he said, “before he was given up to death, a death he said ‘Yes’ to…” And before the consecration of the wine, Rohr prayed, “when supper was ended, he gave you thanks and praise, gave the cup to his beloved…” Following the consecration, Rohr said the Christ’s bloood “will be poured out for you, and for all, so you will know your sins are forgiven.” In praying for the departed, he referred to them as “especially your own beloved who are already with the Lord.”

This took place at the Mahony conference. That explains everything. He wasn’t the only speaker to have heretical beliefs

Oh boy. This annual event keeps getting better and better.

This is so sick, disgusting and evil. I say these are the ones that are in schism.

I read this stuff an sometimes I have to make sure…

I am coming into the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH right?

For certain values of “better”. :shrug:

I don’t understand your statement?

In otherwords everytime I turn around I’m hearing about stuff like this and I feel like I’m back in the pagan faiths I use to practice…

How dare he do that!? :eek:
We need the Roman Missile to strike some sense into him.

A bit off-topic, but whenever I see these things, My belief in the Catholic Church as the True Church grows stronger.

Think about it. Many abuse the Church’s Liturgy, preach bordering-on-heresy stuff, do bad things, yet still, the Church still stands. If the Church were a Protestant sect and that event above happened, it would have caused a schism in the sect and the sect becomes divided and splintered, each of the members founding their own new Church.

But let’s not forget… the hard core “progressives” never started a whole new religion, now did they?

Anyone remember that old “Smith Barney” commercial from years ago? Remember John Houseman saying “We make money the old fashioned way. We Eaaaaaarn it!”

Time for a Caveman twist —

We treat heretics the old fashioned way. We buuuuuuurn them!

Don’t get disheartened by the LA conference. It’s an annual dissent-fest put on by Cardinal Mahony who doesn’t exactly hold to Church teachings on things like homosexuality and liturgical dancing.

If you have found a good parish with good instruction, you will be able to stay away from that type of thing. Better to learn about it, so you can avoid it.

I never thought about it like that before, but you’re right. It would have been preferable if the hard-core progressives had of left the Catholic faith alone and just started a whole new religion.

LOL…When I first read this article, I thought, didn’t they use to burn them at the stake for this?

I say let them go join the Episcopalians. Drop the Catholic name, then let them do whatever they want.

After that, give us back solid, true Catholicism. Anyone read Rorate Caeli today? More false hope in the forefront!


You know I’ve felt for a time now that Thomas de Torquemada the Hammer of Heretics should ba cannonized…

Either that or take Auriel’s misundersating about Church Cannon You know you’ve been studying too much Catholicism thread scroll down to post number three

An outfit each and every church with a literal CHURCH CANNON.

I’d vote for a configuration of a 80mm tank gun with twin vulcan cannons side mounted. And a Sunday Missle defense system linked with a Weekley Missle defense systems giggles

Why can’t we orthodox Catholics have a sit-in at the Vatican or Cardinal Mahony’s cathedral till he is deposed, transferred, excommunicated, defrocked, whatever?

We can use the hippie’s tactics against them…

I will not rest until this cancer is exiced from the mystical body of Christ.

Not unless we want a criminal record. Which I ASSURE YOU we would have because he would do that TO US.

Plus our message would be totally lost in the process.

Transferring is the only one of your suggestions I don’t agree with. It would be risking more people to the loss of their souls.

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