Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

I just got this book for Christmas, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. I wanted to see if anyone has read it and if it is a good read. I watch Glenn Beck and he is always discussing Bonhoeffer.


I have the book. It’s unsettling and disturbing, but a good book to read. I would highly recommend it.

Since I’m not Catholic, here is a review from Archbishop Chaput from when he was still in Denver:

From Archbishop Chaput’s review—

“Eric Metaxas has created a biography of uncommon power—intelligent, moving, well-researched, vividly written and rich in implication for our own lives. Or to put it another way: Buy this book. Read it. Then buy another copy and give it to a person you love. It’s that good.”

Last week a friend loaned me this book. She highly recommends it, as do several other Catholic friends.
I read a biography of Bonhoeffer years ago & looking forward to this read.
Curious re: Glenn Beck, a mormon, and Bonhoeffer’s traditional (protestant) Christian theology/world view.

I’d like to read it when I find the time. On another note, I was a bit surprised when the monsignor quoted Bonhoeffer at my uncle’s funeral…him being Lutheran and all.

Eric Metaxas, in a Catholic News Agency interview:
Bonhoeffer “was extremely pro-Catholic and much of his own theology was specifically formed by Catholicism.”

The theologian’s 1923 trip to Rome “was extremely important,” the author noted. “He eagerly attended Mass every day … and he bought a missal and was deeply taken with what he saw and experienced.”

“It was nothing less than life-changing for him. At St. Peter’s that Palm Sunday he saw celebrants on the altar from every race and color and for the first time in his life he thought about the church universal, beyond the parochial borders of German Lutheranism.”

Back in September I spend three days of my week’s vacation in retreat at St. Bernard’s Monastery here in town. During the noon meals the reader was reading passages from this book. I found it very moving; for the moment, I forgot that Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran.

Whoever is interested,

Bonhoeffer’s notion of a religionless Christianity considered in relation to the movement of the so-called “new atheism”:

Enjoy! God bless!

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