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Hello all!

I am in a small group with several other couples from my parish, and we are beginning to look into what our next topic/resource is going to be. I would like to know if anyone has anything they would recommend.

Things you might like to know:

Of the seven couples in the group, four are mixed-faith marriages. The couples are all generally in their 30s and all the cradle-catholics suffer from a general lack of good (if any) catechesis. Our previous two studies spurred mostly superficial discussion, but there was a distinct lack of understanding of what the Church really taught. I found myself on more than one occasion trying to explain to the cradle catholics what the Catholic Church taught about some major doctrinal issues. At our last meeting I proposed doing something like an RCIA-type study of the Catholic faith, which didn’t cause any resistance or excitement.

I came to a greater understanding of the faith through some of Scott Hahn’s work, so I thought something like “The Lamb’s Supper” or “Swear to God” might be good.

Anyhow, I would appreciate your recommendations.



What has your group studied so far?


For some great Catholic food for thought, try Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s Peace of Soul. I’ve often wanted to have a discussion group just for this book. :thumbsup:


So far, we have read “The Five Love Languages” and did a guided study called something like “Who is Jesus” that went through things like Jesus the Healer, the Savior, the friend, etc. Most of the really interesting discussion on that one was when we got off-topic :o.

While the first book is a good book, it didn’t spur that much actual discussion.

The shortcomings of the first two are why I want to try to be involved inthe selection of the next item.

I’ll look at Peace of Soul. Other suggestions are definitely welcome. I would like to do something with an apologetic bent, which is why I’m posting this in this forum to begin with.



I just recommended this book on another thread…its great for study and even comes complete with a “how to” for study groups.



If they are all couples, have you considered any of Christopher West’s resources on JPII’s Theology of the Body? There is a Q&A book, The Good News About Sex and Marriage, and several video/workbook studies set up for small groups. Check out his website:
(I am in a group of young professionals that is studying this right now, and its going really well!)


I know of tons:

Emmaus Road books features Bible studies for individual and group study:

The Ignatius Study Bibles, with questions for study at the back of each book (currently the four Gospels, Acts, Romans and I/II Corinthians:

Catholic Exchange has very in depth studies, currently Romans and Genesis, with Exodus coming this fall. Others available:

Scott Hahn also features Bible studies at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels on his web page:

Catholic Serendipity Bible: A NAB without the footnotes but with lots and lots of practical Bible studies and study helps:

Steve Ray’s monumental but user-friendly Catholic Bible study of John’s Gospel:

Consider watching as a group one of Steve Ray’s *Footprints of God * videos, currently Jesus, Mary, Peter, Moses and Paul. They are extremely well done and come with great study notes:

Also consider watching Mel Gibson’s *The Passion of the Christ * as a group and using these small group materials:

Beginning Apologetics with Study Guide/questions available:
(my wife and I are currently co-teaching this course at our parish)

If you want to study the Catholic response to the “Left Behind” end times errors, Paul Thigpen has a great book and study guide suitable for small groups:

There are a couple of good books that refute the ridiculous but popular Da Vinci Code. Amy Welborn’s *De-Coding Da Vinci * is short and simple and includes questions for group and individual study at the end of each chapter:

Carl Olsen and Susan Meisel’s The Da Vinci Hoax is much more in depth and also has a study guide available:

That should get you started! :slight_smile:

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