BOOK: "An Exorcist Tells his Story"

If you have read the book, what do you think is most fascinating? What impacted you the most?

I enjoyed how eye opening it was to how suseptiable (sp?) we are to evil, and how REAL the enemies presense is. I also enjoyed the authors advice on how to avoid it… the sacraments… GLORY TO GOD!!!

In part two of the book (don’t know if you got that far yet) there’s a story about an exorcism where the demons starts screaming in fear “Oh no, not the Lady, not the White Bird!!!” That part got me fired up!

God Bless

I was pleased with how relieved and safe I felt after reading it.

Does this belong in Moral Theology?

I thought it was a good book. I recommend reading the sequel: “An Exorcist: More Stories” as well.

It’s good because it reminds us of the reality of the spiritual world in a way that we’re not used to thinking about it. It also clears up some of the sensationalism around demons and whatnot. As Father Amorth says, the demons already torment us as much as God permits them to so we have no reason to be afraid of provoking them.

I like the part about “the Lady and the Bird” as well! :smiley:

My wife is reading it and can’t hardly put it down! I’m reading it next.

When she reads sections to me it makes me want to go to Confession.

what book is this?

What struck me most against the devil was, I forget the page, where he says confession is stronger than an exorcism!

book sounds realy cool! will some one give me a title?!

I just looked it up on Amazon and the title is “An Exorcist Tells His Story”. Looks like an interesting book.

oh thank you, iddint expect the title to be the same as the thread title sorry.

That is the line I remember most about the book also.

BTW, he says he takes a “sensitive” along sometimes. What is the difference between a sensitive and a psychic?

Psychics are phonies. “Sensitives” would be those actually gifted with spiritual perception.

I assume. I haven’t read the book. :rolleyes:

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