Book ban in California school

Cicero - yeah I know it could sound like the the traditional ‘they young uns these days is terrible’ and todays kids and teens do have particular pressures I didn’t have as well but unfortunately we also seem to have embraced a view of the universe where they are not being encourage to confront different ideologies and examine them. Or to bear in mind a different political outlook does not mean that someone is evil or a monster. Sloganeering has long been a disease and it was in my day to, it is easy to reduce political or other opponents to little more than a series of cliches and deal with accordingly and I think that outlook has become even worse with the growth of socia media.

You are perceptive, Grasshopper. All that and infiltration /subversion, too.

Indeed. Though a different political outlook may reflect evil monsterdom.

I certainly even as a fairly left wing individual find I have a limited amount in common with groups like BLM, I’d have had much more in common with a figure like Malcolm X were he still walking about and could have understood to an extent where he was coming from, even if I didn’t always agree with him. BLM and some of the figures that trail around it at times seem to trot out bizarre stuff that that seems intellectually sound but hollow. We’ve seen it here with posters trotting out stuff constantly at times about why the US is still run by slavemasters etc. etc. and is inherently evil, typed from a PC in comfy US living room normally. I do believe in the concept of prejudice influencing society and creating generational problems but I don’t adhere to what I see as idiotic ideas such as white people being ‘naturally’ racist or silly guff like that any more than I’d buy the idea of black people being ‘naturally’ thieves and my answer to people parroting such stuff would be, ‘Better check yourself before you wreck yourself, and possibly your society.’


Yeah, I actually have an uncle who died age 6 from measles in 1915, and the local paper described how his pallbearers were his friends of similar age from school.

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Yep, can believe that, my mother’s own mum died at 27 and mum described to me helping washing the body herself and laying it out and putting flowers in her hands, she would have been about 7 or 8 years old then. Generally kids did not get involved in that so much mum pointed out but her mother had no known living relatives outside her daughter and husband and mum apparently insisted on involvement. But kids were used to early deaths more often and seeing siblings die. One of my key memories as a young kid is mum taking me to see her own mothers grave which is in a small secluded graveyard way out in the middle of nowhere.

The concept of the teenager as many have commented is a more modern construct and kids passed from childhood to young adulthood without a ‘holding pattern span’ in between so much at most levels of society.

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