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Brousing through the religion section at the local university library, I came across a book that i thought might be interesting, about church history etc. I took it home and then I looked up the author online and saw that she has been one of the “founders” of the 7th Day Adventists… which may have nothing to do with what is in the book, but… any thoughts? recommended to read or not?


I’d say a “not read.” Here’s a thread that might be of help:

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Hey, thanks!

Please tell me it isn’t Great Controversy!! If it is complain to the librarian about anti-Catholic literature. In case you don’t know, I was an SDA for 31 years before converting to Catholicism, so I know whereof I speak.

How about you read it just to get an idea of how and what others think. You could use that to defend your faith from that particular denomination’s attacks, and to evaluate and learn more about your own faith, as you move through the book and find out how it is different from Catholicism.

Jeez, just because something promotes a different idea than you would have it do, it automatically goes on the don’t read list? Are we that weak in our faith that it can stand no challenge?

Dusky Jewel:

Great Controversy perpetuates the myth that the Church slaughtered all the Waldensians and Albigensians, and the Spanish Inquisition, and the Protestants martyrs, Huss, Jerome, It then goes into the future portraying the Church as the Whore of Babylon, the Anti-Christ, and the Mark of the Beast. It is a vicious book, and many Catholics weak in their faith have been seduced into apostasy by it.

I’ve really never been a strong advocate of exposing people to things that may possibly hurt them. Whether that is a contagion (like the flu), pornography, narcotics, or even a book that speaks ill of Christ’s Church.

I got the book at a library in Switzerland, and it is in German, if I translate the title it would be something like “The great fight between light and darkness”, I haven’t found the original title printed anywhere.
I have read the introduction but the book is VERY thick and I don’t feel like reading it if it is not something that can help me grow in my faith. I had no idea who the author was when I picked the book, I just thought it looked interesting. (Not that I am somebody who would judge another person for their views, but we kind of have to decide what we want to read and what not.)

Thanks everybody for their input!


Yup, that’s the Great Controversy.

Are you seriously suggesting that libraries should purge anti-Catholic books from their shelves? Libraries have no business selecting for books on the basis of their ideological content. The whole point of a library is to give people free access to all sorts of books reflecting all different points of view. Start down that road and you’ll be very sorry. What’s to stop someone else complaining about, say, Hilaire Belloc’s books on the Reformation, which are very nasty to Protestants? (My dad did once object to my college library having a book that said nasty things about John Knox.) Do you really want to go there? This is completely contrary to the mission of a library.


If you want to understand 7th-Day Adventism, it’s a good book to read. Or if you find paranoid religious theories of history to be an amusing form of popular art (as I do). Otherwise I can’t see any reason to read the book.


In an attempt to be PC many libraries will not ban the books, but will separate them, so that those who take them out know that they are not PC books. Plus, is some libraries actually removed Huckleberry Finn and To Kill A Mockingbird, surely some care should be taken with Catholic Bashing too.

Do not misunderstand me. I oppose censorship, book burnings, and bannings and purges. I agree with the athiest Voltaire, “though I hate what you say, I defend to the death your right to say it.” But, I am getting really tired that every segment of society is protected except for Catholics and fat women, and since I’m both it is really beginning to get on my nerves.

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