Book by Eckhart Tolle - "The Power of NOW"


I posted in the media forum but thought I might get more responses here, since it’s sort of a book about “spirituality.”

I’ve been given this book on CD by my counselor - she actually, I think, is Catholic. She talks about Jesus, about what He says about not worrying but trusting Him, and that’s good and true (and very helpful for me to be reminded about as worry is something I’m dealing w/ in my depression). I’m not so sure about this book, though. It’s definitely got some sort of odd off-ness to it - can’t really pinpoint it. I haven’t listened too much, and when she talks about it, it makes sense - not worrying about the past or about the future, but just “being” in the present. I get that…

But Tolle seems to go further than that… anyone read this book or have thoughts on his approach? He sort of seems to quote Jesus and Buddha on the same level as having the same spiritual insight. Ummm… that clangs badly when I hear it and I know that obviously Jesus is TRUE whereas Buddha, while maybe saying some true things, is NOT the TRUTH.

Thanks for sharing anything you know about Tolle or this book.



You are correct :slight_smile:


Annie, you might find this article helpful. I’d share it with the counselor who recommended Tolle’s book to you.

What Should Catholics Make of Eckhart Tolle?
by Fr. Robert Barron


Thanks, Eucharisted (still would love to hear others’ insights). So what can I say to her tonight? I think she wants me to listen to these CDs to help me so I’m not worrying; so I focus on being in the present and not let me have my “self” telling me negative, untrue thoughts (ie - I’m a bad mother, I’m unworthy, etc.). I want to just focus on JESUS - His Truth, His perspective of me - how much He loves me, etc. Any other books that I might try instead of this one she’s given me?

(I realize I’m asking a question similar to one someone else asked when I searched “tolle,” but she was actually asking for a “counter” book to this one; I want a substitute, I guess…) Thanks for any help!

We actually have “Practicing the Presence of God” (can’t recall the author…) would that be anything remotely similar but full of truth instead of having me think sort of new age-y thoughts? (don’t know of a better adjective - what I mean is the off-ish tone of looking inside myself; that “I have all the answers and all the wisdom inside myself” thing)


Off to read the link - thanks so much, Becky!


You’re welcome, Annie. :slight_smile:

You might like Abandonment to Divine Providence, which you can read online for free at the link provided.

A similar but much shorter book (also online) is Uniformity with God’s Will by St. Alphonsus Liguori.

Here’s an excerpt:

Acting according to this pattern, one not only becomes holy but also enjoys perpetual serenity in this life. Alphonsus the Great, King of Aragon, being asked one day whom he considered the happiest person in the world, answered: "He who abandons himself to the will of God and accepts all things, prosperous and adverse, as coming from his hands.’’ “To those that love God, all things work together unto good.”

Those who love God are always happy, because their whole happiness is to fulfill, even in adversity, the will of God. Afflictions do not mar their serenity, because by accepting misfortune, they know they give pleasure to their beloved Lord: “Whatever shall befall the just man, it shall not make him sad.” Indeed, what can be more satisfactory to a person than to experience the fulfillment of all his desires? This is the happy lot of the man who wills only what God wills, because everything that happens, save sin, happens through the will of God.


This episode of The One True Faith is about Oprah and how she has placed Tolle on some weird prophet pedestal: Oprah: False Prophet

There is a great deal of discussion about Tolle from a Catholic perspective, and very worthwhile viewing.



It is New Age drivel, stay away from this ear poison.
AnnieS - You are very smart for looking into this rather than thinking, *well if a Catholic counselor gave it to me, it must okay. * I commend you.
God has provided us with so many ways to heal throgh him…this garbage will only draw us farther from him and further into self-centered delusions.

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