Book: Catechism of the Catholic Church by doubleday publishers

Is this a valid version of the Catechism?

Is this a valid version of the Catechism?

Sorry for double post. Kept gettin error messages.

As the copyright page contains this:

Imprimi Potest (meaning “it may be printed”)
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Interdicasterial Commission for the Catechism of the Catholic Church

I assume it is valid. What makes you ask?

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Well I went to confession last week and was given “The Holy Longing” to read as penence. After reading it and havin some doubts and then readin the thread on that book here, I kinda felt duped. So I wanted to be sure that this book was an accepted version.

Are you talking about the Catechism that says “An Image Book Doubleday”

Yes, it’s valid. Our parish gives this version to all the catechumens and candidates in RCIA. It’s certainly a lot easier to carry around, although the print is pretty small! It’s just a paperback version of the bigger version. No differences in the text.

The one I have has the Imprimi Potest by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

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