BOOK: "Chasing Francis"

Has anyone read this book? I’ve just about finished it.

It was written by an Anglican priest, and is a fictional story about an evangelical pastor who burns out in his ministry and whose faith is revitalized after he makes an extended visit with his uncle, a Franciscan friar in Italy.

It contains a lot of spiritual insight and demonstrates how St. Francis can show us the way to a deeper, richer faith, as well as reform in the church. There are a lot of touching moments between the pastor and the various friars he meets along the way. Essentially, the reader gets a snapshot tour of Francis’ life and many of the significant Franciscan locations in Italy.

My biggest problem with the book is that the pastor eventually receives communion at Mass, apparently at the encouragement of the friars. I’ve considered suggesting this book to my non-Catholic family and friends, since it’s a sympathetic, introductory, non-Catholic look at St. Francis and Catholic spirituality. (Plus, I’m about to enter with the Franciscans, and it would be great to have a resource like this to share with them.) I’m not sure if this one error should be enough to keep me from doing that, since I have received some pushback from my family in the past over the Catholic insistence that protestants not receive the Eucharist.

Anyway, what are your thoughts?

Well as you say it’s written by an Anglican, so it’s not indicative of RC Eucharistic theology.

Sounds like a good book though.:thumbsup:

Good luck in your postulancy.

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