Book for introducing Catholicism to Hindus?


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Suppose you have been invited to introduce the Catholic Faith to a practicing Hindu who knows very little about Christianity (or about the differences between Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians, for that matter) – beyond personal dialog, what book(s) would you recommend for a well-rounded survey of the Catholic Christian religion?

Thanks for your help.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.



Its not maybe catholic but how do Hindus feel about Jesus? Rather than comparing so much, unless thats whats wanted, then dont listen to me :slight_smile:

But ask about his gods and religion then say oh this is how it is in my religion. Wording I hear from buddists, they tend to just explain things in a matter of fact way to start conversation. Generally non confrontational.


My wife and I are actually sponsoring a young lady in RCIA this year who is coming from a Hindu background. One thing we learned was that the concept of saints was a little frightening for her. Apparently, conversing with spirits is not necessarily considered a good thing in her former religion. The dead have their place and its not in this world.

Other than that, just speak the truth and let the Holy Spirit do his thing.


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