Book for open minded agnostic on the Catholic Faith

Met someone that considers himself agnostic. He is firm on the science vs religion argument. He is open to reading about the Catholic faith. I thought I point him to Fr. Spitzer’s Magis Center to start. Any books I can recommend for a science-based agnostic? Thanks.

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Letters to a non-believer. Fr Thomas Crean OP

Not Catholicism necessarily, but CS Lewis’s Mere Christianity would be useful to learn the basics of the Christian faith. I would start with that, just to get a grounding and then offer things that are more explicitly Catholic.

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Dr Edward Fesers book five proofs for the existence of God along with some books by Trent Horn.

Two from a (current) agnostic Rodney Stark: The Triumph of Christianity and The Triumph of Reason

Modern Physics and Ancient Faith by Stephen Barr

Thanks for your suggestions everyone.

The website is a little known treasure

Great question OP. I admit that I am stumped. I’ll monitor the thread to see if there’s a good answer.

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