Book for science teen re creation and evolution

Anyone have a book recommendation? I know of a teen who plans to have a science career. She needs to be well-prepared for the anti-Christian college atmosphere. She’d like to be strong (and loving) in her convictions when confronted by opposing people.

A Protestant sister recommended: We A Closer Look at the Evidence, by Richard Kleiss. Any Catholic opinions about this book?

Also, any other recommendations? Ideally, it would be great to find a book that is interesting to read…not too “high science” or “high theology.”

Thank you.

Most of the attacks in the science field are atheistic in origin, with misguided “learned men” proclaiming that science disproves God. To that end, I would suggest Answering Atheism. It takes a logical, scientific and philosophic approach to the questions that atheists pose. It also has some addenda that go over current scientific knowledge, and ways that this knowledge supports Christian claims.

Also, just remind them that faith and reason are complementary, not antagonistic. The Magis Center dedicates itself to showing how science and faith work perfectly together, I would definitely suggest looking at their resources for any scientist to be.

I’m not familiar with that book, but it seems like one that is trying to disprove evolution. If that’s the case, I cannot suggest that book. Evolution is solid science, so long as people don’t start trying to say it disproves God, because it neither does nor can.

I assume you’re daughter is about high-school age? This is recommended for 6-8th grade, but perhaps she can get something out of it:

I haven’t read it, but Ken Miller’s “Finding Darwin’s God” has had good reports, and Dr. Miller is Catholic.

If she is going to college, then you could also find out about any Catholic student societies at whatever college she chooses.


Thank you all for your input. We’d like to prepare our kids as much as we can for the college, anti-Catholic and anti-Christian scene. Wish someone would have prepared me for the onslaught of opposition.

Please continue your suggestions. Every one of them is appreciated!

Also, has anyone seen Chosen, the confirmation series? I’d love to read some reviews. I heard about it on the radio. It’s at We’d like to buy it, as parents. Would be better if a parish would buy it though. Costs $250.

Anyone aware of this program? Maybe it would meet our need to prepare our kids for college???


I would read “Their is a God” by former atheist Antony Flew. While Flew is a philosopher and not a scientist and isn’t a Christian either (he is a Deist). I found his book to be a good read.

This is true, but if the Church allows that evolution is correct, but adds a caveat that God must be involved in the process, then the Church isn’t talking about the same theory, because the whole point of descent with variation and natural selection is that it works as a purely materialist process.

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