Book:Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma by Ludwig Ott

Hello all,

This book looks like a great read. I read a little of the introduction. Its content seems to be helpfull especially in our time when alot of Church teaching has been poorly taught or neglected. Has anyone here read this book? The book is very expensive, is there a cheaper version of this book?

Among catholics who actually believe in Catholicism, Ott is considered one of the best introductory texts in regards to the level of doctrinal authority assigned to specific teachings. I’ve perused one, but don’t own it and have used it in the past as a reference rather than a cover to cover read.

Even TAN sells it for more than the Amazon price: $35. Go figure.

$39 at tan books is the best you can do. Old copies of this sell for over $100.

It is a great reference, I’ve used it for thirty years. Be sure you get the latest version.


It is excellent and worth every penny.
For each doctrine it gives:
any history that may have led to the doctrine being defined;
official Church documents that defined the doctrine;
Scripture passages supporting it;
writings by the Early Church Fathers that taught it.

There was a cheaper paperback edition (white cover) but hopefully they’ve stopped printing that one. The binding was so poor that the pages would loosen and fall out very quickly. I went thru 2 white copies before the maroon covered edition came out. Much, much better - both the binding and the paper quality.

thanks all, I appreciate the replies. it looks like it is definitely worth reading. what about finding this writing online? If I did find it online, could I read it, it wouldn’t be considered stealing would it?

A couple years ago it was partially online, but they (Catechics Online) removed it. (I think because of copywrite issues.)
As far as I know it is not currently available anywhere online. If it is, I’d like to know also.

I was just going to mention that I thought it was online, but that’s where it was. I didn’t know they took it down. I’m wondering why there would be copyright issues. Isn’t the book old enough where it would be public domain?

If still guarded by the author’s estate or publisher, copyrights can still be in effect as far back as 1924. It’s complicated.

I guess I always thought the book came out in the early 1900s (before 1924). Now I must admit that I have no idea when it was first published. :o

I own a copy. And I’d highly recommend it. It sits in an easy to reach spot on my bookshelf, next to the Catechism, Modern Catholic Dictionary (Hardon) and my three volume set of the collected Conciliar documents.

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