Book: Get Us Out of Here, Maria Simma

Written by Nicky Eltz, details the experience of Maria Simma communicating with the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Has anyone read it? It sounds so interesting, but I want to make sure it is orthodox. Other book recommendations on Purgatory are welcomed as well. Thanks for the input!

Hello gerbera,

I read it about five years ago. I don’t remember anything striking me as “unorthodox” but, that being said, I don’t think the book has an imprimatur. There also has been, as far as I know, no investigation into her experiences to see if they are authentic, private revelations. Maybe others here have other opinions. As far as other books…The Divine Comedy, The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life (both are about more than purgatory).


Apparently, Maria Simma made (she died in 2004) claims which are contrary to Church teaching.

I would only recommend that you dig into the details and then compare to Church Teaching. The example above could be related to an event that came from a period before Eucharist ministers were allowed. Maria Simma died at 89 and she had been experiencing these visits since she was 25.

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