Book: Heart Talks With Jesus-Third Series


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I always have enjoyed older books. I found this on Ebay. I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

It is described as such: A thought for each day of the year, selected from the writings of many Saints and well known writers, with the aim of unfolding, in some measure, the secret of the interior life - union with our Lord.

I really had not heard of Rosalie Marie Levy before.

The book is in fairly good shape given it’s age (1930)

Has anyone else heard of this book or Rosalie ?

Thoughts? Comments?


Rosalie wrote a book called “Heavenly Friends: A Saint for Each Day” that had a short bio of a saint for each day of the year. I received it as a confirmation gift back in the 70s.

Rosalie is also the author of a book called “Why Jews Become Catholics” that I haven’t read, but based on her having a Jewish last name I wondered if she had personal experience with the subject.

Edited to add, I see in addition to her having written many volumes of “Heart Talks with Jesus”, she had a series of “Heart Talks with Mary”. One is on eBay.

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