Book ideas??

I am graduating college in a week and am looking for a gift to get my campus minister. I am hoping to maybe get her a book about Catholicism, spirituality, or anything of the like.
She is 60+, extremely wise and knowledgeable about the Church. Our university focuses on Merton spirituality, but she has probably read all of Merton’s books. She is also big on discernment.

Any ideas??

The Jesuit Guide to almost everything

God’s voice within

The Miracle Ship, by Brian o’ hare

Hi Lincat

Can I suggest something a bit ‘left-field’?

Back in the 90s, the Benedictine monk Laurance Freeman asked the Dalai Lama to come and talk with the Christian community about the Gospels. In each session the Dalai Lama read a portion of a Gospel that Brother Laurance had previously asked him to read and then he commented on it from his Buddhist perspective. After that there was a general discussion between the communities.

All of this is captured in the book “The Good Heart”:

It may interest your campus minister, but obviously you’d be best placed to judge whether she’d appreciate such a book or whether it would be too far out of her comfort zone to enjoy. I’m sure you are looking for a book she would enjoy!

God bless +


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