Book Imitation of Christ - Confirmed Locution?

Hello, I was reading the Book Imitation of Christ of Thomas of Kempis. It is a widely known book who inspired some saints of the church, it was widely translated to many languages.

Now what I am really curious to know is that the book contain some Jesus teachings, in the book Jesus is talking to Thomas of Kempis and answering questions, I would like to know that the Church confirms the Apparitions of Jesus to Thomas of Kempis? and we can be sure that they are legit?

Thank you!

Does it matter? I think most of the words attriburted to Jesus are pretty sound. It is a style of writing to use dialogue. In fact it is a tool I use in my journalling and I highly recommened it. Have a dialogue with Jesus and answer as best as you can for him. You will be surprised.

I’ve always thought that Kempis was simply dialoging with himself. It’s a book that I read over and over, always gaining a deeper spiritual insight. A given verse often contains enough wisdom for endless meditation. I sometimes indulge with other “great” spiritual works, but I keep coming back to the IOC. It helps form a solid foundation for deeper contemplative prayer.

LOVE! :heart:

Hi Devon,

It’s a literary device. The author never claims to have talked with Jesus,.


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