Book "Lectio Divina" by Dr. Tim Gray


There are a number of good threads and especially good posts on Gray’s book and the ideal of lectio divina.

What I would like to add about this originally monastic practice of reading scripture, meditating on it, praying, and then possibly developing a contemplation of God from it, is this:

Gray does a great job of explaining how to get more out of the scripture reading itself. He gives some tips and examples about reading scripture for your own benefit.

As a parallel topic to the ‘divine reading’ Gray knocks down a lot of false ideas that he has heard and, indeed, that I have heard all too often in Catholic Bible study groups – that we should leave the interpretation to the experts, etc.

To the contrary, he points out how the Church encourages lay Catholics to read and study the Bible, and gives, as I said, some ways to slow down and appreciate the real message of the Bible, through the very words that the writer used.

He doesn’t stop until he has pointed the reader to some helpful Bible reading plans and commentaries, including ones that he has contributed to.

I was an avid viewer of his EWTN programs on Mark and Exodus. As he says, you should be open to reading a book of the Bible 50 times or more and that there is a real point to doing that, in getting much closer to its details, more and more benefit from each reading.


My dear friend

Amen to that. The Word is infiite and I see all of scripture as a small part of an infinite utterance of one Living Word by God in time. We should not put limitations on scripture, but we cannot contradict anything else in scripture incl. the original meaning as we explore the bible to unlock its mysteries. Our interpretations cannot contradict anything in our faith either.

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