Book: Liturgical Year

Has anyone ever read D. Guéranger’s books “The Liturgical Year”, or is at least familiar with them? Would you suggest getting them for one’s library?

I haven’t. The two leading books on the liturgical year are probably: (1) “The Liturgical Year: Its History and Meaning After the Reform of the Liturgy,” by Adolf Adam, and “The Origins of the Liturgical Year,” by Thomas Talley.

Just looked Gueranger on 15 volumes, 7000 pages in all. There is probably not a better source of information on the liturgical year, based on the reviews. My suggestions were the best one-volume sources of which I’m aware.

I am only familiar with “The Liturgical Year” from excerpts I have read online here and there. From what I have read, he seems to have read widely, thought deeply and written readably about the Faith. He writes like a believer. Here is a sample from “The Liturgical Year” on Advent. I believe his work would be a worthy addition to your library.

The first concern would be that it was written in the 1800’s and would not correspond with the post Vatican II revisions of the liturgical year. The second concern is that is a highly scholarly work. Third is that it is multi volume.

I agree with the poster who suggested Adam and Tally. Tally can be a tough read unless you are really into study. Adam is an easier read and is very comprehensive. I had to use both those books in two different grad courses I took on the Liturgical Year. They are the most popular books for graduate work on the topic.

Well, I’m no scholar; just a lay person with a great love and interest for liturgy and liturgical practices in general and like to know how they have developed over time.

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