Book/Media Cataloging Website Recommendations

Does anyone have any experience/recommendations on cataloging one’s book/movie/music collection?

I’ve poked around and found a few, but I’m still not sure what to stick with for the long haul:

*]Library Thing

I like that GuruLib allows you to catalog not only your books, but also your movies, music, video games, and computer software. It even generates a little table that shows you how much money your collection costs both new and used (Oi vey, I’m not sure I want to know how much I’ve spent on these things!). That said, it seems a little less polished and less user-friendly.

Library Thing looks highly polished and is user-friendly, but it’s for books only. Plus, if you want to catalog more than 200 books, you have to pay for it (grant it, it’s only $10 a year, or $25 for life). Also, it doesn’t yet have a Facebook application like the other three do.

Does anyone else know anything about any of these sites (or any other similar sites)? I’m a bit of the retentive variety when it comes to these things, so the idea of cataloging my media is very appealing to me. I just don’t want to waste time entering my collection in one website only to find a site I like better a few months down the road. :o

David Pogue the NY Times tech writer recommended Libra. To use it you scan the ISBN (using your webcam) of your books, CDs, DVDs and they are automatically entered.

Thanks! I hadn’t heard of Libra. It looks like something you download rather than a web-based porgram like the other ones I’ve been looking at. I’ll have to check it out.

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