Book - Medjugorje after Twenty One Years

I have made some posts about my experience with Medjugorje and have explained in another thread that I emailed the Bishop of Mostar-Duvno apologies. When the Bishop emailed me back, he suggested I read two documents written by him, and the book, Medjugorje after Twenty One Years by Michael Davies.

However, I have just learned that the book is available, in its entirety on the web at the author’s website, along with those two documents. It is well over 200 pages long. He updated it in May of 2004, then passed away in September. The site claims the book will be available in paperback soon, but it is easily viewable and downloadable here (I saved it as a *.doc)

This book is loaded with actual documents in full - many of which I have not seen out of the web. The author backs up his claims with official documents or works cited elsewhere. This includes diocesan documents, Vatican documents, documents from Franciscan Order superiors, “seer messages”, “seer” diary entries, taped-recorded interviews, etc.

The book also has extensive rebuttals against some of the strongest writer-proponents of Medjugorje, such as Father Rene Laurentin, with interviews.

It gets into the protestant-like charismatic elements and contrasts them with true Catholicism with discussions, including the less-than virtuous role of Caritas in promoting Medjugorje.

**On this same website you will find the book, as well as the two documents Bishop Ratko Peric asked me to read. I encourage anyone who is troubled or uncertain, or even supportive of Medjugorje, to please pay the Bishop due respect by reading what he asks. Balance that out with what you are reading at Medjugorje websites, magazines, and newsletters that are promoting it. **

**If after reading this, you find yourself dismissing Medjugorje and feeling down and hopeless over it, please talk to a priest who is not promoting Medjugorje to get help. Many good and unsuspecting people are falling pray to trickery and believing the Bishop is causing the problem. This is not the case. The Blessed Mother simply would not approve of such defamatory, disrespectful feelings or talk against the man who is responsible for judgement. **

When I saw this in myself and realized how absurd it was I decided to swallow the bitter pill by discussing it with my confessor. I discovered it wasn’t bitter at all, but liberating.

May light scatter the darkness for others, as it did for me!

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