Book needed.....


Can anyone please recommend for me a some good books that deal with refuting liberalism?

I know about Ann Coulter but I am looking for others along those same lines!

Any suggestions???


Please give me the privilege of introducing you to the premiere mind of the 20th century, G. K. Chesterton. He wrote all about the evils the world is seeing today due to modern “liberal” thinking (although he never used the word liberal in that context). You should start with Orthodoxy–you have to scroll down a bit to get to the text. It’s online as you see, but you can also buy his books through Ignatius Press. Read and enjoy!


Here is one from TAN Books, Liberalism is a Sin:

Another one is The Liberal Illusion

Here is an artcle here at Cathoilic Answers on Modernism:

Here is an excellent book! A Catechism of Modernism


Perhaps this might help, “Christianity and The Crisis of Cultures” and “What It Means to Be a Christian”. Both are works of Pope Benedict XVI. On the question about liberalism and religion then I would suggest Pope Benedict’s “Truth and Tolerance”. All three works are published by Ignatius Press.


thanks guys…I appreciate everyones input!!!


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