Book News: Rush Limbaugh Wins Children's Book 'Author Of The Year' Award


Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh won the “Author of the Year Award” at the Children’s Choice Book Awards for his book Rush Revere and The Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans, in which Rush Revere and a talking horse named Liberty travel back in time to visit the pilgrims




It was a great book:


That is surprising because he did not write the book. He just slapped his name on it for his cut of the revenue.


Do you have a source for that accusation?


Well, there’s a book I wont be reading to my kids. :smiley:


You think maybe it was Bill Ayers who s


That’s at best an educated guess – and my educated guess is that the above assessment is wrong. Many celebrities can and do employ ghostwriters – Rush Limbaugh pulls off three hours of extemporaneous news commentary each day with such discipline that this Toastmaster with CTM and ATM degrees is in awe.

Merely transcribing some of his more thoughtful extrapolations on current and developing news could quickly produce a couple chapters of a new book on most days. Or at least a very good and easily ramped up rough draft (on a day when he is excited).

How much easier to craft a children’s book in that same conversational tone long after all the facts are established.

I haven’t read the books. I do get a laugh at the self-promotion aspect of the project with
the creation of the character “Rush Revere” (whereas some will flash red with anger possibly). But I suspect the books are done with sincerity and Rush’s desire to share his patriotism and admiration for those early Colonists with children who may be getting quite a different view from the equally committed (but more powerful per the public education system) “left”.

The subject of the “Pilgrims” and depictions like this (which depict prayer (to God!) and harmony between white settlers and Native Americans) don’t jibe with the popular myth that there was a conspiracy by “white men” to deliberately subjugate native peoples and seize their lands. The Puritan settlers were refugees … and/or immigrants looking for a way to live the way they wanted to - impossible in the England they were fleeing. They did befriend native peoples to both party’s mutual advantage (though some other native groups were … immigrant unfriendly).

Limbaugh may have chosen his subject with taking on that popular (and not ENTIRELY untrue) myth in mind. Or not. :shrug: But I’m glad of his weighing in with his contribution at preserving the traditional view. < Yes, I’ll admit,*** I’m guessing*** that his book does that.


That strikes as a very closed-minded, knee-jerk partisan response. The book is basically about a guy who goes back in time and visits the Pilgrims, the people on the Mayflower, etc. I don’t believe that it is politically charged - unless you think a celebration of the hardy people who built our country is somehow right-wing. I think Rush should have used a “pen name” so unsuspecting liberals would accidentally buy it and read it to their children.



Way to go Rush! I work retail and have seen many grandparents buying his books for children about american history for their grandkids! These kids are lucky to have grandparents who are trying to help their grandkids appreciate the early history of our country.

People taking swipes at Rush are just expressing “sour grapes”.


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