BOOK Niven and Pournelle's Inferno

a modern retelling of Dante’s* Inferno*. anyone read it?

Many, many times.

Quite good–but the ending–not theologically correct.

Jerry is a believer, dont know about Larry.

I guessed one of them must be. there’s a sequel, Escape from hell on the way, February 2009.

Even worse than the theological problem, the narrator who is obvious very well-read and recognizes everybody from Henry VIII to Billy the Kid fails to recognize his tour guide, Benito Mussolini!?


the authors give enough clues so they’re playing fair with the readers. while mussolini might be expected to be found in hell, his stand-in for virgil is a surprise, one of the last persons anyone would expect in that role.

the theology doesn’t bother me.

Actually, Carpentier dosn’t recognize William Boney–and yeah, we the reader get it right away, I think its the one “suspension of disbelief” Larry & Jerry ask us to swallow if we’re reading a book about Hell in the first place…:smiley:

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