Book of Abraham "non-essential"

Gee lists the essentials:

God exists; Jesus Christ is His Son; God talked and still talks with men through the power of the Holy Ghost; Jesus Christ atoned for the sins of the world; the Atonement is available to those who trust Jesus, turn from sin, make and keep sacred covenants, and follow the course throughout their lives; and the Book of Mormon is true, an authentic record of God’s interactions with actual ancient people.

Of course he misses little things like whether or not the LDS Church has unique priesthood authority. Or whether eternal marriage is a true principle. These folks know there are big problems with LDS history so they are trying to minimize what is important in order to hide those problems. He doesn’t even see the First Vision as essential. He lists things that almost every Christian would agree with except for the Book of Mormon. It is really quite a retreat.

The whole LDS movement is non-essential in my opinion.

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