Book of blessings?


I am looking for a book of blessings that lay people can use. I would like one so I can properly bless my children. I’m NOT looking for the ones that priests use. Does anyone know of any? Thanks.


I haven’t got a clue about the book. However, you could probably ask your parish priest about such a resource. If he doesn’t know of one, he can probably get you in touch with someone who does.


Try this one:

I just recently purchased a used copy, and I love it!


May I recommend The Glenstal Book of Prayer. It is a Benedictine prayer book for lay people published by The Liturgical Press.

My dear in-laws bought it for me recently and it contains quite a bit but is easy to read and follow. The first part is a kind of Liturgy of The Hours - which I am very new to. Then it has some Seasonal Prayers (e.g Easter, Lent etc), then many Familiar Prayers (Stations of the Cross, Angelus, Guardian Angel prayer etc), then Ritual Prayers (meal time prayers, prayers for travelling etc), then Blessings (Blessing for a Sick Person, Blessing of a Home, Blessing of a Family etc), then some Psalms, then some readings from the Rule of St Benedict.

It actually packs in heaps for such a slim volume - and is perfect for a convert like me who is still learning. :slight_smile:


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