Book of Enoch

I have a question for all Christians on the boards (from Catholic to Orthodox to Protestant). Why do you believe that the Book of Enoch should not be thought of as canonical when Jude quotes it? I am not saying it is or is not divinely inspired, just curious - as I have never received a real answer from any clergy I have spoken with (the three I have spoken with have all dodged the question).

First off, there are several writings called “Enoch”. One of them is accepted as canonical by the Ethiopian Church, but that is the only one that does to my knowledge.

Whatever was worthwhile in any of the books of Enoch was included in the Letter of St. Jude.

The book of Enoch I is a canonically accepted book of the Ethiopian Orthodox and Catholic Churches. So while not part of the western Canon, it is still inspired Scripture.

The Mormon church teaches that the Book of Enoch may contain an imperfect translation, but that Enoch was a great prophet and in fact his words can also be found in a scripture we use called the Pearl of Great Price, chapters 6 and 7 of the Book of Moses. You could look it up online at He helped a whole city become “Zion” during his life.

Formosus, why would you say that it is inspired just because the Ethiopians consider it canonical (I believe the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church does too)?

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