Book of Enoch

Have you ever read this book?

why do you ask?

Unless I am mistaken, only fragments exist. It is an example of Jewish apocalyptic literature. A brief passage is cited in Jude’s epistle.

yes I’ve read it and I have a copy,so is there another question or is that it?:confused:

Yes :slight_smile: - all three. Presumably, the one you mean is the First Book of Enoch.

I read it so long ago, at the time I thought I was reading stories that came down to us from some tradition that preserved the events surrounding the life of the real Enoch.:smiley:

There are uncertainties and disarrangements in the text, and uncertainties as to what the original text meant, given that work has to be based on the Greek or Ethiopic translations rather than on the Hebrew original: but 1 Enoch is otherwise quite reasonably preserved - relying on translations isn’t ideal, but it’s a lot better than nothing.

The English translation by R. H. Charles (now superseded) was based on an inferior text, but not on fragments only:
[/LIST]For an account of the book generally, see:
[/LIST]Unfortunately it’s the kind of book that, like the Gospel of Judas, provokes a great deal of ignorant sensationalism.

This gives some idea of the decisions that need to be made by its editors:

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