Book of Psalms needed

I was thinking of buying a book of psalms so that i can start praying them daily. I already pray the Divine Office.

Can someone recommend a nice book? Obviously i have them in my bible but that is rather large to carry around. lol

Many Thanks

If you have an iPad/iPhone you can download the Divine Office app, the daily psalms are on there.

Thanks but i am after a book

That looks interesting. Anyone use one?

This is the one I plan to get (to replace my pocket King James NT & Psalms from my pre-conversion days). The RSV-CE is my favorite translation.–leather.aspx

I have the full Bible one. It is absolutely gorgeous.:cool:

Perhaps I’m missing something here but what are you looking for in a book of psalms that isn’t in the Divine Office you already pray? If you are praying the Divine Office, you are praying the psalms daily.

You were asking specifically about the Psalms alone in book form. I have the “My Daily Psalm Book” by Fr. Frey and it is excellent and very portable. It was first published in the 1940s.

I would also recommend the newly published Revised Grail Psalms especially since they will eventually be the official English Psalms used at Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours / Divine Office (and they are an excellent translation). I have added a review and photos to the Amazon site:

I have several small psalters in a variety of translations. Here are some of the ones I have (from smaller to larger, none larger than 5.5x8"):

Some of them are out of print, as you will see, but not all of them.

I have this but, personally, I do not care for it. I prefer an unabridged psalter.

But, i want a book with just the psalms in. I want to choose which psalms to read.

Can you explain? Thanks

Understood, but almost all of the psalms are in the Liturgy of the Hours (except 58, 83, and 109); you can just pick them from the index. So it rather seems like a redundant expense, unless you don’t like the translation used in the LOTH, or would like a book of psalms with commentaries.

My Morning and Evening prayer book doesnt have a list of the psalms in it.

Eight bucks.


I’ve reviewed several Psalters for an article which might help you choose:

The reviews are in the second half of the article, so just scroll down.

My bad, it’s been a while since I looked at it. I don’t think it’s abridged, but it’s not sequential. If you’re looking for a particular Psalm, you have to check the index to find out where it is. (Psalm 118 is on page 23, Psalm 33 is on 197, etc.)

It’s a handy size, it’s got fun engraved illustrations, and some folks really dig the old Confraternity translation and numbering.

Overall, though, it’s not my personal cup of tea. I would prefer a plain Psalter. You may feel differently. :slight_smile:

Ordered! Thanks

Here is the one you want.


It is very nice. Small and it uses the grail psalms (like in the LOTH).

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