Book of Revelation- ancient view


Translated for the first time into English from the Latin, the standard Medieval Bible commentary Glossa Ordinaria will have another section translated, the book of Revelation! Very little of the Glossa Ordinaria has ever been translated, but thankfully a wonderful translator has taken up this project and will be providing a critical edition of the most mysterious book of the Bible with an abundant selection of Patristic comments chosen by the scholars of the Medieval Church. It will be published soon and very affordable! I will keep you posted!


It is not mysterious to those who have read and studied the other 72 books which come before it.



Ive read many commentaries from most centuries on Revelation from St. Victorinus, Oecumenius, St. Andrew of Caesarea, St. Albert the Great, etc, and read from many great minds like St. Thomas Aquinas and Jerome and John Henry Newman about their analysis about the nature of it, and from the many great minds they admit the complexity of the book, and their humble attempts to provide clarity. With all the great minds that have tackled the book there are numerous interpretations they have come up with. If those great minds struggled that much to articulate it differently then its mysterious to my weak mind, even after over twenty year of intense study of the Bible that I have done.


Yes. My thoughts exactly. While it may be vaguely interesting to some, it won’t be earth shattering, nor will the Patristic commentary be new…and, also, mideval is hardly ancient, so that is a bit misleading also.


Im a little shocked by the arrogance and that such a work being shot down, and even me being labeled as misleading. For one, the Glossa Ordinaria is for the most part an ancient view because its made up of mostly quotes from Patristic commentaries, that was put together by medieval glossators. The arrogance of thinking one has the book of Revelation pegged when the greatest theologians for the last 2000 years were humbly open about the perplexity of Revelation. Lighten up fellow Catholics, the Glossa Ordinaria was the standard commentary of the Bible for centuries, and used heavily by great theologians such as St. Thomas Aquinas.


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