Book Of Revelation

Hello! I just read the “Rapture Trap” by Paul Thigpen. It was quite informative but I still would like to explore this topic and especially as it concerns “The Book Of Revelation.” Anyone have a recommendation? I would appreciate it.


The Lambs Supper by Scott Hahn is awesome. It talks about Revelation and how it relates to the Mass. I would recommend this for you first read.

Michael Barber’s “Coming Soon” is a good introductory study. Scott Hahn’s “The End” is a great audio study (has a student’s guide, too).
Peter Williamson’s volume of Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture on Revelation is a great guide as well.

Duuuude, I just learned that Dr Taylor Marshall has been doing a podcast series on the Catholic interpretation of Revelation. He goes through every chapter and so far it’s pretty awesome: :thumbsup:

Yeah, I forgot about that. I haven’t had the time to listen to these yet, but I’ve been downloading them.

I also forgot that Jimmy Akin just put out a DVD on Revelation

Thank you for your replies. As stated previously Thigpen’s book covered this material fairly well along with David Currie had a chapter on the subject in his “Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic.” Blessings.


One other:

A Catholic booklet that helped me years ago, and explains the difference between the Catholic view on the Revelation and other commonly held beliefs about it.

Thanks! The above by Father Vawter looks quite informative.

:thumbsup: I prefer text over videos. Great article!

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