Book on Mohammed by orthodox Catholic?

Looking to find a good book about Mohommed and the history of Islam from a Catholic perspective. Any ideas.

(No I am not going to read Hans Kung’s book). :smiley:

So you are absolutely positive there is nothing you could learn from Kung’s book? You mean to tell me there’s not one line in the entire book you couldn’t learn from or something you could learn about. With such a determined view of a book you never read I don’t know how much you could learn from a book with a Catholic perspective, especially if it doesn’t necessarily comport with your own, current views of Mohammed.

I’d suggest read Kung’s book and find anything else you can read and come to your own opinion. You might find out that there is something out there you can learn from sources you might not normally read.


I had enough of Kung in my theology class, thanks.

Congratulations! Your reply shows your intellectual arrogance, and is what is wrong with Academia today. Did you pass your Theology course? Obviously your it didn’t take.
The rejection of any author on any given subject out of hand, without reading him, is a gross example of prejudice, and has no room in intellectual pursuit.
Go ahead and read only those with whom you agree. I’ll bet you will end up as a college professor corrupting youth with your personal bias someday.

Hi George. Hope all is well. :slight_smile:

Essentially, then, you aren’t interested in being informed. You want propaganda that will reinforce the prejudices you already have.

I don’t say this just because you refuse to read Kung, but because you insist that you only want a book by an “orthodox” Catholic.

There are lots of good scholars who have written on this subject. Some of them are Catholics. I don’t know if any of them are “orthodox” by your definitions.

F. E. Peters and John Esposito are two good places to start. I believe that they are both Catholic, though they may not be “orthodox” by your no doubt lofty and exacting standards. (Peters is an ex-Jesuit.)


I just want to let it be known that these are the most judgemental responses I have seen on this forum- and it isn’t even the TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC forum.

I am trying to read many views of Islam, and already have a list of books that fit other views. One that I am LACKING information is orthodox catholic views. The poster right above gave a list of books I am already inspecting. So I figured a Catholic Forum would host people with good book recommendations. Kung is not an orthodox Catholic so he doesn’t fit the category of my query now does he?

That being said, it’s pretty wrong that you guys are posting judgements, AND without even answering my query. My reason for saying I don’t want to read Kung’s book is exactly that his views are not the kind I am trying to research. It is not simply reading someone who agrees with me as I am willing to read books by Muslim, Jewish, or even Atheist/ Agnostics on the topic. You people have no clue where one is coming from and why someone asks why they ask. So speaking to two supposed Catholics and an Episcopalian, show some grace like your Lord does.

Who is Hans Kung?

Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics, by Robert Spencer, is a readable book for a non-expert like me. There’s a forward by Father Pacwa, if I remember correctly.

A dissident Catholic theologian from Germany.

edited by Tomarin

How about Hilaire Beloc?

How about this


Yes, I was browsing this on amazon yesterday. Have you read it? I haven’t ever read Robert Spencer, but I am noticing he is a leading authority on warning modern society on the dangers of Islam. I don’t know if this is what I am looking for, but any insight you can offer would be appreciated.

Wows guys, go easy. Edwin, that’s really not like you.

I’m one who prefers to start a new subject with an introduction by an author that I’ve found trustworthy too. Will you staple the dunce cap to my head too?

I was going to note that the “Reverend Know it All” is doing an article series on Islam right now, but it is very introductory and you probably already have gained that much info already.

Spencer I’m not sure about. Something gives me the impression that his opinions of Islam and Islamic teaching are just a bit too colored by personal emotion and experience to be objective. Something to keep in mind, anyways. But then, maybe that’s true of anybody, eh? :wink:

True. Ya Spencer is not particularly what I am looking for right now, but I will eventually want to check out some of his stuff.

Thank you. Good reason not to read his book(s).

actually I read two of his books ( the Truth about Muhammad ) and another on the Quran and I can say what he wrote about islam and muhammad is all true and accurate , and if you have doubt just go and check the sources in the back since he list them one by one when he quote .

What is wrong with a Catholic asking for a faithful catholic study of another religion? He’d like to know what Our faith says about another faith or how Our faith views another…Big Deal!


I apologize. You are absolutely right that I should not have jumped to the conclusion that this was the only book you wanted to read on the subject. Of course it’s perfectly legitimate to want to know what an orthodox theologian/scholar of your Church has to say about Islam by way of theological interpretation/response. I was concerned that you were ruling out any scholar you didn’t consider an “orthodox Catholic” as a possible source for historical information. This is an attitude I’ve encountered on this forum many times before, but it was unjust for me to assume that you were expressing it.

I am also interested in such a book, because I take Catholicism very seriously in my own faith (it would be too complex, and not relevant enough, to explain my attitude to Catholicism here!).

Perhaps Theodore Khoury, the scholar Pope Benedict cited in his Regensburg lecture, would be such a resource. Unfortunately, his work seems not to have been translated into English!


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