Book on Mother Angelica VERY interesting


I received the book “Mother Angelica” by Raymond Arroyo for Christmas and it is VERY VERY interesting about her life and background. I knew some of it but MAN is this book filled with a lot of details and info about her. I’ve gotten a few chapters in and I will definitely enjoy reading it through.


I liked it, too, but I’ve forgotten very much of it. She’s a funny character, but was a very wise Poor Clare that had the spiritual gift, kindness, insight, and wisdom to help many souls.

There are a number of books written by Raymoondo on her spiritual wisdom and about her. The first really good thing I read by her was a little booklet from 20 years ago or more on the Value of Suffering. It’s very good, but I forget the exact title.


Hey “boo” GREAT to hear from you again. Hope to hear from you often here.

Yes Mother Angelica was one of a kind and I do believe every hardship in her life prepared her for the great challenges she was later to receive


Well, I should be around for two months, to some degree, anyways. Thanks for your kind words. :slight_smile:


SO VERY GLAD whenever you can be here. You always keep things active and interesting here and I like your posts.


Thankyou, CJ. If I contribute anything good here, I’m sure it’s from God… Hopefully just a funny magic marker in God’s hand, I am.


I reckon it’ll be just 2 more years till Mother Angelica’s sainthood cause gets going. Rhoda Wise’s cause (she’s in the book) just went to the Vatican.


Raymond Arroyo :ok_hand:t2:


I haven’t read the book but I loved Mother Angelica. I used to watch her all the time. I sometimes still will watch some of the reruns of her.

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