Book on Padre Pio?


What is a good book about the life and times of Padre Pio? I am interested in learning more about him as I find him very interesting. thanks


Try this one:


I have a book written by Bernard Ruffin. It is a good read…It is VERY unbiased…I believe the Author was a Lutheran at the time of the writing…he is now a catholic. The book itself has NO Luteran bias in it…In fact I was shocked to hear that it was written by a Lutheran. It is a good biographical sketch includes all of the spiritual warfare etc. that St. Pio experienced.

Link is below


TAN Books and Publishing offers several.
The one that I have read and like very much is the 2nd one.

[size=]Padre Pio The Stigmatist. Famous for the stigmata, Padre Pio (d. 1968) possessed many other miraculous gifts. Describes his reading of hearts, conversions, celestial perfume, prophetic insight, bilocation, cures, etc. 120 fascinating pictures. An all-time favorite of our customers! 368 pgs, PB (This product can also be purchased as part of the following set: Padre Pio Book Set)



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