Book on Prominent Catholic Women?

Can anyone recommend a good book that tells the stories of prominent Catholic women throughout history(other than Mary) and could be an effective evangelization tool for women who want to see examples of other women who have strived and been incredibly influential in the Catholic faith?

Quite a few good ones here:

Bourke, Sister Mary Carmel (Adelaide, Australia). A Woman Sings of Mercy: Reflections on the Life and Spirit of Mother Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy. Price: $8.95 Contact: 1-800-877-0012 to order

Sesquicentennial: 150 Years of Caring at St. Joseph’s Hospital
One hundred and fifty years ago, four missionary Sisters of St. Joseph planted the first seeds of health care in Minnesota by caring for cholera patients in a log cabin hospital. Since then, hundreds of men and women have given their lives and their talents to water and nurture those health care seeds and bring them to fruition. Sesquicentennial, a narrative of these past 150 years, is dedicated to those men and women.

SILENCE, SOLITUDE, SIMPLICITY: A Hermit’s Love Affair with a Noisy, Crowded, and Complicated World by Sister Jeremy Hall, OSB

Thank you. Does anyone have some more suggestions?

Try looking for saints lives. St Gianna Beretta Molla is an excellent modern example of a working mother.

The bios of the women who founded religious orders, schools, and hospitals would also be inspiring. Some examples: St Louise de Marillac, St Katherine Drexel, St Elizabeth Ann Seaton.

Older examples would be St Catherine of Sienna, St Teresa of Avila, St Joan of Arc, St Elizabeth of Hungary.

For more modern examples of lay women, try searching at Legion of Mary or Opus Dei websites for stories about chapter founders or something similar.

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